Mike's Bike Bits

Mike's Bike Bits Mike's Bike Bits Mike's Bike Bits Mike's Bike Bits

All items manufactured by us are meticulously crafted and individually checked. We give a lifetime guarantee on all our items under normal and intended use. If it breaks, please return it and we will send you a new one after inspection.
Does not apply to breakage caused by accidents, mishandling of the product or breakages caused by other than normal or intended operation. Our inspection and cause of the breakage is at our discretion.

We offer 3D printing services from lost older car restorations to whatever you can think of. We are based in Krugersdorp and can print a maximum of 300 x 300 x 350 mm

From buttons, to Knobs to guitar parts. Give us a call. We design in house if we have a sample. We also print flexible materials as well as transparent.

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