The WhereIs Geo-Directory is a very easy-to-use business listing directory which allows visitors to search for any business or service based on Keywords and/or Area.

When you type in a town or area name under Location, any relevant business within a 15km radius will be displayed under results. A location on the interactive map will also be shown with address and directions information for easy finding.

Listing your Business or Service:

Listing your Business or Service in the directory requires registration. Once your account is active, you can enter or update your listing details at any time. Your listing will immediately be updated on Google Maps too. But benefits of listing on WhereIs are that you can add as many Advertisements, Promotions or Pictures as you like, promoting your business in a much more feature rich environment.

Featured Listing:

You can also add your listing as a Featured Listing, which means that your business listing will always show up on the front page and searches. You can choose this option during the listing procedure.

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